Apart from myself, nobody else in the world, no matter how many belongings they are blessed or burdened with, owns a unique living phenomenon. 

One day, as chance would have it, 1 found myself in possession of a fish with the words "Allah" and "Mohammed" on its sides in Arabic. "Allah" and "Mohammed" Islamic clergymen have confirmed that the imagery on the fish does indeed spell out these holy names. To some, this may seem a mere mood of nature but to the Islamic community it is a matter of deep religious significance. Imagine catching a fish marked with the words "God" and "Jesus" and you‘ll see what 1 mean.  

What is more, the fish not only has divine names but also the outline of a seawater fish (a Chelmon species) on both sides of its body. This in itself is extraordinary.  

Nothing is continuous, so also this unique creature died.

To keep this extraordinary fish present, one of
 Europe's biggest fish preparator companies taked care of him.

Now he is turning in a glorious featured shrine.

I have now decided to sell this unique specimen. And since I'm engaged in setting up a sanatorium centre for people with serious physical and mental disabilities, the proceeds will be spent on this project, the future "Sanatorium for severly disabled" in Waldkraiburg, South-East-Bavaria, Germany. 

If you are acquainted with collectors with unusual interests or should you wish to take a look at a fish that Muslims regard as holy, please get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Jürgen Fechner
Waldkraiburg, Germany

© 2007 Jürgen Fechner