Support for the planned sanatorium
for severly disabled people:

Sanatorium Centre "Lichtblick" (View Of Light) Waldkraiburg
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 60 beds
●  6 apartments for visitors
●  Therapy Pool

●  Underground garage

Intended construction in Waldkraiburg, Von-der-Tann-Road 46, south-east-bavaria, Germany,
a town of about 25,000 inhabitants 65 km south-east of

Dear Visitor,

It is our goal to provide people of all ages suffering from serious mental and physical disabilities of all causes with the kind of care we would want for ourselves in such a situation. We already have a plot of land at our disposal and have also obtained the necessary building permits, meaning that a number of the prerequisites for achieving this goal have been fulfilled. 

Nevertheless, the sum of Euro 4 million is still required for the construction of the complete sanatorium.

Publics funds are no longer flowing freely in Germany, and we have taken this as a signal to look round for alternative means of financing.

Why not enrich life with your social commitment and help us set up the Sanatorium. We can only fulfil this worthwhile but difficult task with the financial help of people like yourself. Please support this public-spirited project and help turn it into reality.

Should you or one of your acquaintances or customers be interested in supporting the sanatorium with an investment, please let us know.

We can be reached around the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Yours sincerely, 

Jürgen Fechner

İ 2007 Jürgen Fechner